Taking it day by day…

These are all me right now. 😢


You think you have time 🕰⏰💣

This scares me. This makes me want to live life & do whatever makes me happy. What makes me happy isn’t always best for those around me though. So I continue to live in a box provided by society of how I should be…what kind of wife, mother, sister, employee, person I SHOULD be.

Defective friend.

I feel like I need to come with a warning label when people come into my life.

Defective friend.

Or maybe I am just damaged & defective in general. I say this for a couple reasons, but right now I want to focus on what kind of friend I am.

I am the kind of friend who will be all in. You will get my 100%. Provided I “let you in”. I am loyal & will give you the shirt off my back. 

Until I feel like there is a chance I can get hurt. Then I become distant. My wall starts to grow to prevent myself from feeling emotional pain. This is something I battle with often. This is something I feel like I will battle with for the rest of my life.

This is a battle I am currently losing. 😔