I woke up this morning & realized it has been 9 years since my dad has passed away. It doesn’t feel like that long. Then again, my dad wasn’t around most of my life. I used to feel bad because I don’t miss him like I miss my mom. Why would I though? My parents separated when I was 7 and he was barely there for me until I was 21. I’ve come to accept that it is ok for me to feel the way I do. I loved my dad. He wasn’t perfect & he made many mistakes, but he was my father. There are parts of him inside me. I see them there. I embrace those pieces of him, but I also have learned a tremendous amount from him to know not to make those same mistakes. I have a level of appreciation & insight for my life & my family because of him. For that, today I am not mourning the loss nor do I feel bad for not missing him, but instead I am going to let that light inside of me shine brighter from the lessons I learned because of him. 


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