I have been feeling more like myself the past couple of days. Which is nice. I feel happier. I have no clue what got into me over the past few weeks, but I didn’t like it at all.

I am trying to live more for my own happiness & to stop sacrificing my happiness for others.

You know when you do things, impulsively & you do not like the person you are becoming because of it? I was having that battle. However, that battle is no more & I am more than ready to move past it.

I am also learning a lot about myself. How I want to treat others. How I want them to treat me. & if they don’t, then I move forward without them. Life is too short to waste any time on people who don’t being a positive energy to your life. I have people who have been sucking the life right out of me & I can’t do it anymore. Friends who do nothing, but complain & bring little positivity to the relationships. Friends who will get mad & take their moods out on me. Friends who are quick to run their mouths about you when you aren’t around.

I don’t have time for those people. Nor do I want to waste my time gossiping, focusing on negativity or being mean. That is all quite exhausting & I need my energy focused elsewhere.

Like learning to love myself. Seeing me the way others see me.

This feels like it’s all over the place. I am going to end this post for now to take a nap. 😊



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